KOBO Gallery at Higo EVENTS

Friday, February 11, 2011 2:03 AM

February 19 - March 6
Sam Scott, Ceramic

His functional forms are defined by simplicity. The white surface of each piece is decorated with abstract designs, exploring the contrast of the white porcelain surface with a matte black glaze.


March 19 - April 16
Junko Yamamoto,  Paintings
Originally from Japan, Junko graduated with an Arts Degree from Cornish College of the Arts and has established her studio in Seattle.
" . . . often alluding to popular culture and Japanese decorative textile patterns.  Her background colors stem from nature - blue, green, yellow, brown and are juxtaposed with brighter overlays of Pop images like comic-strip thought bubbles and pillow shapes in red, pink, and orange."  Matthew Kangas, Artltd. Magazine. July 2008.


April 30 - March 20
Pottery Northwest Residents Showcase 2011
The current group of resident artists at Pottery Northwest is representative of the range of work in the ceramic field in the 21st Century.  Their work is figurative, functional, wood fired, hand built, wheel thrown, sculptural and more.



May 26 - June 25
Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG Exhibit at Kobo)
"Art by Attrition" curated by Julia Harrison

Subtractive processes have a particular dynamic. When using these teckniques, all of the material, all of the material that an artist will have to work with is present from the beginning and, once removed, cannot be repaced. This exhibition will call attention to this unseen tension by including images or examples of raw materials or works in progress.




July 9 - June 30 
Etsuko Ichikawa, New work
Etsuko is joined by her mother and father in a special family exhibition.  


August 6 - 27
Momoko and Tetsuya Ootani
Shigaraki, Japan
Ceramic artists and also husband and wife, work from their studio in Shigaraki, Japan,  creating work independently and also collaboratively.  They have participated in the Simple Cup Show for several years and now prepare for their first solo showing of their work in the United States.